Friday, June 17, 2016

NEW! Now in paperback! The Fabufestan Exposés. 20% off!

20% off with code: DM72YVUN
20% off with code: DM72YVUN

For those of you who prefer to read books in print format, we have just published Ralph Hancox's two-book crime series, Con Job and Scandalousin trade paperback (print on demand).

Both books are 20% off in trade paperback until June 30/16.

Click to order Con Job today! Use coupon code: DM72YVUN 
Click to order Scandalous today! Use coupon code: DM72YVUN 

If you enjoy these books, we hope you will take a few minutes to write a review on, or whichever Amazon you access from your location.

Attention ebook readers: both books are also available in your favourite ebook format.

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