Friday, June 17, 2016

NEW! Now in paperback! The Fabufestan Exposés. 20% off!

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20% off with code: DM72YVUN

For those of you who prefer to read books in print format, we have just published Ralph Hancox's two-book crime series, Con Job and Scandalousin trade paperback (print on demand).

Both books are 20% off in trade paperback until June 30/16.

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Attention ebook readers: both books are also available in your favourite ebook format.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Five-Star Review of The Ape & the Peacock

Thank you Neil of Devon, England, for your 5-star review of Ralph Hancox's The Ape & the Peacock. Always a delight when someone gets and appreciates what the author is trying to do.
"I loved this book. Although set in parochial Canada, the themes are universal. The author's sense of social indignation and his distaste for political hypocrisy are the background to two juxtaposed story lines, but the characterisations and the story-telling are sure-footed and the two extremes of the same world are skilfully contrasted. Above all, the book is well written and with a delightfully wry humour." SNM. Devon, England