A Personal Exploration of Judaism
Award-winning writer Per K. Brask is fascinated with the conversation that Jews have had down through the ages about life and God and about what humans owe to each other and to God. A Jew by conviction not birth, Brask offers an accessible and insightful collection of 32 poems that explore his experience growing into Judaism.

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Join Per Brask on a Poetic Journey

Road trips from Manitoba, Canada, to Palm Springs, CA, inspire these poetic meditations by Danish-born, Canadian poet, playwright, essayist and dramaturge Per K. Brask. Composed in accessible “plain speech,” this collection of 37 poems is grouped thematically into three sections, offering a poetic travelogue of the journey and its destination ("On the Road" and "Palm Springs"), along with meditations on life at home in Winnipeg, Canada ("In Between"). Readers will enjoy the poet’s personal reflections on such offbeat locales as Fargo, ND, and Missoula, MT, as well as his meditations inspired by hikes with his wife on the trails in the Sonoran Desert around Palm Springs.

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Ekprhastic Poetry

A Spectator, the first published collection of ekphrastic poetry by poet, author, playwright and dramaturg Per K. Brask, is a modern take on this poetic tradition. Written in "plain speech," these accessible and insightful poems express the poet's playful attention to a live performance, work of art, exhibit or life moment. Readers will be delighted and inspired by these beautifully wrought personal reflections on concrete things.

What is ekprhastic poetry?

"Ekphrasis” is defined as literary commentary on a work of art. Think John Keat's poems "Ode on a Grecian Urn" or "On Seeing the Elgin Marbles for the First Time."

"Per Brask's A Spectator contains many insights on, and from, watching theatrical performance, but its greatest accomplishment is its practice of ekphrasis. Adopting a highly dramatic form for his literary account of theatrical events, Brask offers an ongoing behind-the-scenes look at how one might attend to a work of performed art, as well as a fine example of the affect of dramatic writing. A Spectator offers an engaging series of reflections from an engaged spectator with a playwright's pen."AOM

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