Monday, December 19, 2016

Two New "Shorties" by Doug Long

Coming soon, I hope, is Doug Long's second book of "shorties" (55-word stories). In return, I have promised to publish both his books in print as well as ebook format. For now, his first book of shorties—The Fool Who Invented Kissing—the first book ever published by Fictive Press, is still only available in ebook.

Doug is always writing shorties and these two are his newest, with thanks to a dear friend for the inspiration.

He's my perfect man: handsome, smart, funny, rich!
Our first date is on his private beach, complete with
dance band, buffet, open bar.
He invited my family and his, who chat amiably with a local rabbi.
We stand shaded 'neath a white, fringed canopy.
Do I like this first date?
I do ... yes ... I DO!
He's my perfect man: handsome, smart, funny, rich!
We fall in love so fast it scares us.
But love and life are full of risks, I tell myself.
I miss him dearly when he's on frequent business trips,
but never suspected a thing until his wife called to say
he'd died in a plane crash.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

P.J. le Pooch Launched at Gabriola Library Dec. 3

Author Morri Mostow
with artist Vicky Bowes

Gabriola artist Vicky Bowes received lots of well-deserved kudos from the folks attending the book launch of P.J. le Pooch & the Magic Sketchbook at the Gabriola Library, for her wonderful cover art.