Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Plaudits for Love and Courage in Troubled Times!

"What's your father's book about again?" Megan asks.

"It's about a crusade and inquisition in the South of France that happened hundreds of years ago. People called Cathars were stuffed into churches and burned alive because of their beliefs. I don't know why he is even interested in such horrible events. What happened way back then was awful, but it has nothing to do with today. It's totally irrelevant."

But of course Lesley, the narrator, is mistaken. The horrible events of long ago are relevant. In fact, long ago is still happening. Long ago is today...
Phyllis Reeve, Gabriola Island's book reviewer extraordinaire, describes with great eloquence what makes Charlotte Cameron's new YA novel so special. Click here to read the full review.

Print copies are now available on Gabriola Island at the bookstore of:

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